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  • Airline Tickets: Taxes and Fees

      Fares shown are for one adult.
      The fares displayed include airline imposed fuel surcharges and other non-governmental charges and fees, but do not include:

      US Passenger Facility Charges:
      Starting at USD 3.00 up to USD 18.00, this fee may apply depending upon your chosen itinerary.

      US Flight Segment Tax:
      A federal segment fee of USD 3.00 applies per flight segment, defined as a takeoff and landing.

      September 11th Security Fee:
      A September 11 Security Fee of USD 2.50 for each flight segment that originates at a U.S. airport.

      Additional taxes/fees:
      Additional taxes and fees may apply to International itineraries. Charges of up to USD 98.00 may apply depending on the itinerary chosen.

      Shipping Fees/Ticket Fees:
      Some itineraries require paper tickets. Check with your Agent if your itinerary allows an e-ticket. In case your itinerary allows e-tickets, and you still want paper tickets issued, a USD 10.00 shipping fee per transaction may apply either via Fedex or Airborne over and above any airline imposed fees for issuing paper tickets. The tickets will be delivered to the credit cardholder's billing address.

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    Airline Fares Disclaimer is an information source and does not issue airline tickets online. Purchasers of airfares in reliance upon this advertisement should confirm all additional charges and fees associated with the total cost of the airline ticket with the travel agent or airlines issuing the ticket prior to final purchase. Total fare per passenger, including all charges, will always be disclosed to you prior to final ticket purchase.
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