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Booking Class

  • First Class
  • Business Class
  • Economy Class
  • Coach Economy
  • Standard Class

  • Airline Tickets, Booking Class & Abbreviation

    Booking Class

    The following codes are used on airline tickets to identify the class of service
    and the associated fare structure:

    First ClassExamples: A, F
    Business Class Examples: C, D, J
    Economy Class Examples: H, K, L, M, O, N, S, V, Q & others

    Detailed Booking Class
    • A - First Class Discounted
    • B - Coach Economy Discounted
    • C - Business Class
    • D - Business Class Discounted
    • F - First Class
    • H - Coach Economy Discounted
    • J - Business Class Premium
    • K - Thrift
    • L - Thrift Discounted
    • M - Coach Economy Discounted
    • P - First Class Premium
    • Q - Coach Economy
    • R - Supersonic
    • S - Standard Class
    • T - Coach Economy Discounted
    • V - Thrift Discounted
    • W - Coach Economy Premium
    • Y - Coach Economy

    Double Digit Airline Abbreviation

    These codes, which appear in front of the flight number on the ticket, identify the airline:

    • AA - American Airlines
    • AC - Air Canada
    • AF - Air France
    • AI - Air India
    • AB - Alaska Air
    • AZ - Alltalle
    • A3 - Amtrak
    • BA - British Airways
    • CO - Continental Airlines
    • CP - Canadian Pacific Airlines
    • DL - Delta Air Lines
    • ET - Ethopian Airlines
    • HP - American West
    • JL - Japan Air Lines
    • KL - KLM-Royal Dutch Airlines
    • LH - Lutheran German Airlines
    • LY - El Al Israel Airlines
    • ME - Middle East Airlines
    • MG - MGM Grand
    • NW - Northwest Airlines
    • OA - Olympic Airways
    • PK - Pakistan International
    • PR - Philippine Airlines
    • QF - Quantas
    • SA - South African Airways
    • SK - Scandinavian Airlines
    • SN - Sabena
    • SR - Swissair
    • TB - Trump Shuttle
    • TW - Trans World Airlines
    • UA - United Air Lines
    • US - US Air
    • WN - Southwest Airlines
    • YX - Midwest Express
    • ZV - Air Midwest

    Ticketing Abbreviation

    Ticketing Abbreviation Meaning/Explanation
    Non-refun or Non-refundable No refund value
    Non-rerte or Non-reroutable No changing of destinations
    Non-endor or Non-endorsable No changing of airlines/carriers
    Stopover Break journey in that country
    Transit Stopover and change plane
    Inbound Return Sector
    Outbound Outgoing Sector
    Ex-SIN Departure from Singapore
    No Show Passenger no show on departure date
    Pax Passenger
    Child Fare Age range from 2 to 11 years old
    SATA ticket Students (ISIC) under 35 years old and Youth (IYTC) under 26 years old
    ISIC Card International identity Student Card
    FOP Form of Payment
    TCP Traveling together
    N/A Non admissible
    TTL Ticketing deadline
    GV 2 Minimum of 2 passengers to travel together. Must depart and return together
    GV 4 Minimum of 4 passengers to travel together. Must depart and return together
    GV 10 Minimum of 10 passengers to travel together. Must depart and return together
    W2A With 2 adults
    PTA or Prepaid ticket Advice Prepaid ticket advice. Ticket collect from country of departure, payment
    PNR Booking reference number
    STNP, s/o Stopover
    ow One way
    Dep Departure
    YRT 1 year ticket
    Add-ons Extra flights at extra costs
    Amendment Changes to your booking
    Backtracking you cannot go back from whence you came
    Cancellation Penalties involved if you cancel your ticket
    Carrier Refers to the name of the airline you are travelling on
    Changes Penalties involved if you change your ticket
    Child Person 2-11 years
    Class Letter used to book your flight reservation
    Codeshare A flight operated by another airline
    Combination Permitted add on fares allowed to be used with the fare you are on
    Conditions Rules pertaining to this airfare
    Destination The final stopping place before turning around to come home
    ETA Estimated time of arrival
    ETD Estimated time of departure
    E-tickets Electronic ticket, full payments must be made before E-tickets can be issued
    Farebasis The name/code of the faretype you are travelling on
    Fares The cost of the airfare
    Infant Child up to 23 months at time of the flight departure
    Interline Transfer Transfer from one airline to a different airline
    Longhaul An overseas flight of some distance i.e Sydney London
    Mileage The amount of miles permitted to be flown on an airfare
    Minimum stay/Maximum stay The shortest and longest times you can stay at your destination
    MPM Maximum permitted mileage-the maximum distance you can fly in air miles
    Nominated Carrier The airline you can fly
    Open Jaw Fly into one city and out of another city at no penalty
    Open-Dated No return date set
    Origin Point you start from
    Outbound Flight from USA or point of origin
    OW One way journey
    PNR Passenger name reference - used for computer reservations
    Reissue Changes requiring a new ticket to be issued
    Rerouting Changes to flight routing
    RT Fares Return journey fares
    Season Different times of the year for travel have different fares
    Stopover When you leave the airport for more than 24 hours
    STPC Airline pays for your accommodation at a stopover
    Surcharges Extra costs involved
    Surface Sector You make your own way between two points
    Turnaround point The furthest point on your return journey
    US Pass Airpass within the USA
    V.V. Vice versa
    Validity How long a ticket is valid e.g. the minimum and maximum times you can be away
    Waitlist The flight is full you are waiting for a cancellation to be confirmed

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