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Pakistan Airport Codes (Airport Code Lookup)

Airports around the world are universally known by a unique three-letter code: the "Location Identifier" in aviation-speak. It's obviously much easier for pilots, controllers, travel agents, frequent flyers, computers and baggage handlers to say and write JFK than the John F Kennedy International Airport, Newyork.

The continued growth of aviation world-wide meant that three letter combinations were insufficient to identify every airport in the world. Eventually the system expanded, allowing numbers and four digit combinations; however, an airport served by scheduled route air-carrier or military airlift aircraft always has a code comprising of only three letter IATA code.

Following are the Airport Codes of the major Cities in Pakistan.

City / Airport Code Country
Bahawalpur Airport BHV Pakistan
Bannu Airport BNP Pakistan
Chitral Airport CJL Pakistan
Dera Ismail Khan Airport DSK Pakistan
Faisalabad Airport LYP Pakistan
Gilgit Airport GIL Pakistan
Gwadar Airport GWD Pakistan
Hyderabad Airport HDD Pakistan
Islamabad - Islamabad International Airport ISB Pakistan
Jacobabad Airport JAG Pakistan
Jiwani Airport JIW Pakistan
Karachi - Quaid-E-Azam International Airport KHI Pakistan
Khuzdar Airport KDD Pakistan
Kohat Airport OHT Pakistan
Lahore Airport LHE Pakistan
Mianwali Airport MWD Pakistan
Mirpur Airport QML Pakistan
Moenjodaro Airport MJD Pakistan
Multan Airport MUX Pakistan
Muzaffarabad Airport MFG Pakistan
Nawab Shah Airport WNS Pakistan
Panjgur Airport PJG Pakistan
Pasni Airport PSI Pakistan
Peshawar Airport PEW Pakistan
Quetta Airport UET Pakistan
Rawala Kot Airport RAZ Pakistan
Rawalpindi Airport RWP Pakistan
Saidu Sharif Airport SDT Pakistan
Sindhri Airport MPD Pakistan
Skardu Airport KDU Pakistan
Sui Airport SUL Pakistan
Sukkur Airport SKZ Pakistan
Turbat Airport TUK Pakistan
Zhob Airport PZH Pakistan

  • *** Some cities have several airports. In these cities the city itself gets a code and each airport also gets a code.
IATA airport code for Pakistan - 3 letter city code for Pakistan - location identifier code - three letter codes
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